There’s thousands of web design companies, so why should you choose chimpbyte? Here’s some honest reasons…

We’re affordable.

We don’t charge normal industry rates. This is because we are all students and doing this for the experience.

We’re reliable.

We’re here to help you. Small businesses should stick together, right? We’ll finish your order within the agreed timescale so you can get up and running as soon as possible. We don’t use complicated processes to manage workflow, we just do it. The bigger companies have set-in-stone practices that are not flexible to the customer or designer.

We can be both local and remote.

We’re based in the Midlands, UK. In this day and age, we don’t need to personally meet up to discuss a project. We can of course still arrange this if you’d prefer, though!

We’re friendly.

When you make a query through a support channel, we’ll try to get the correct team member to respond to you. They will also give you their personal email address so you can reach them directly with ease when you have ordered. This helps maintain a strong rapport between us and you.

We’re students.

By ordering with us, you’re helping a group of friendly students with work experience. 80+% of the payment you make will go straight to the team member(s) that worked with you. The rest will be re-invested into our services, so we can upgrade equipment and expand into other areas in the future.

We hope this was enough to convince you. If not, why not get a free quote anyway, or ask to see some of our recent projects? Get in touch.