Websites are the first thing anyone will look at upon discovering you. Whether that be potential clients, sponsors or investors, a good-looking website is a necessity.

We’re looking to partner with a number of esports organisations/teams, small, medium and large. In exchange for a bit of promotion, we can provide a website design, web hosting and the possibility of a merchandise store (we’re currently developing & looking into the logistics of this).

The promotion we’d ideally look for is a social media post promoting our brand (and of course your website!) every so often, and our logo on your social media. We’re open to negotiate this.

If you’re interested in this, fill the form out below or send us a DM on Twitter. We’re very lenient, so it’s definitely worth applying regardless of your following. If we decide to not partner, we might offer you a deal. For example, at the moment we can design your website and host it for only £4.99 p/m, usually £25 one-off and £9.99 p/m.

Please enter the social media accounts for your organisation or team. These could include: Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube etc.
Give a brief description of why we should partner with you. Think about what you can offer to us in return for our services.